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Add this item to your cart for each item you want personalized.  Each product will have a red S, M or L to indicate pricing below.

(S) Small


(L) Large 

When checking out please add your (personalized text) into the box (SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER).

**Please Note:

If ordering more than one item for a different personalization text, please put the name of that mirror or box next to the text you want it for.  

Only items with open space can be personalized.  

**Processing time is up to a 3 day hold before shipping.

**Letters will be sized according to size of the area. Letters may range from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches depending on size of area to fit.

**Wood letters are used.

Small Mirrors** (15 letters total) If space/size permits.

Medium Mirrors** (20 letters total) If space/size permits.

Large Mirrors.**  (25 Letters total)  If space/ size permits.

Treasure boxes  (15 Letters total) If space/ size permits.

Any questions always feel free to contact us at