Add Personalization $10 Per Item

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Add Personalization $10 Per Item

Add this item to you cart for each item you want personalized.

When checking out please add your (personalized text) into the box (SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER).

If ordering more than one Mirror or Treasure Box with a different personal text for each mirror or box, please put the name of that mirror or box next to the text you want it for.  Each Mirror or Treasure Box has a specific name.

Only mirrors or boxes that has the space can be personalized.  

**Processing time is up to a 3 day hold before shipping.

**Letters will be sized according to size of the area.  Wood letters are used.

Letters may range from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches depending on size of area to fit. 

Add up to 3 lines for small mirrors**  (up to 6 letters per line) If space size permits.

Add up to 4 Lines for Medium or Large Mirrors.**  (up to 10 letters per line)  If space size permits.

Treasure boxes up to 4 lines** (up to 7 letters per line) If space size permits.


Any questions always feel free to contact us at