Small Mirror With Handle-Lady Ora

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Small Mirror With Handle-Lady Ora
Small Mirror With Handle-Lady Ora

Hand painted art designed wooden mirrors will have you seeing a bit more clearly.  No two mirrors are exactly alike.  Easy to handle. Will add uniqueness and spunk to any household, beauty shop, or party.  Unique gifts for family and friends. Mirror with handle. 

Personalize It!

Colors: Orange Copper

Other materials: Rhinestones 

Lady Ora

  • Mirror Size: 
  • Approximately 
    Width: 5 in
    Height: 12 in
  • Mirror 4 inch round
  • Material: Wood 

Note: color differentials may vary on computer screens. Small paint bleeds may appear in artwork. Small glass pieces, rhinestones and or stones was
used on this mirror, adults only.

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